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suffer not the children!

world of darkness: innocents by white wolf publishing.

world of darkness rules for playing children! wod: kids. how come this took so long for me to become aware of? i don't get what is up with white wolf, sometimes! i mean, i would generally be more excited about white wolf products than i would for wizards of the coast stuff, but wizards, you know, sends the store catalogues & white wolf does not. strange, right? that as both a retailer & a player i don't feel well informed. i even read the publishing blog! so some link in the chain is failing. i also don't get how a book on kids comes out before a bit on the dark ages, but then, don't know how the sales of the old world of darkness (oWoD) dark ages line were, though i thought it was successful. that was my impression. probably just a matter of having a motivated developer for one & not the other. enough talking about the failings of the publisher's marketing machine & such though, on to the book.

wod: kids! as in, playing children in the world of darkness. a good, solid pitch. there is a lot of turf to cover, a lot of material to mine. a major decision was clearly made early on: this is an entire, self-contained game. this makes it the first self-contained game in the new world of darkness (nWoD) that i know of. vampire, werewolf, even promethean are all run off the world of darkness core book-- that is part of their design philosophy, to have a core book so you don't have 100 pages of rules garbage in each main book. children raise some interesting problems, though. like-- how to replicate a child's size, or to have variables in abilities? if i say a kid's strength is maxed at two, that means there isn't diversity in the kid strength; there isn't weak kids, normal kids, athletic kids, bullies. a "kid's core" eliminates that. it can make a one strength weak, & a five strength as strong as an average grown-up.

i kind of wish that it converted better, that it could integrate with the regular, adult characters. that said, i don't really have a solution. a conversion mechanic is kind of impossible with a one through five spread. the rules they have-- adults roll 8 again on most tasks versus kids...most of them-- are fine. fine for running a story. it really is self-contained, though. you have to come to terms with that. by doing that, they do give themselves room to examine things like survival or computers from a kid's perspective. boy scouts & hax0rs! & it lets you deal with stuff like morality from a child's perspective, which i find really interesting. the book seems pretty well researched! you've got sidebars on piaget & erikson mixed up with quotes from coraline & whatever. so for what it sets out to do? hole in one. nicely done.

i liked the fiction-- i found it more successful than a lot of the fiction blurbs in their other books, which can be a little silly at times. freed up to write whatever campfire ghost stories the authors want, it improves. plus, some of the art, especially the art-as-if-done-by-children, is really great. christopher was reading over my shoulder & was troubled. a win! & so i'm pleased with it just as i was with promethean, on the basis of being a book. it doesn't supply what i really needed personally? because for some reason everyone wants to play a kid in my games. seriously, how many fifteen year olds have i ran? a lot. & i had to wrangle them from going lower. but it makes me consider running a kids only game, or one shot, or flashback, something like that. which is a sign of success.
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