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straight from work, slip into the train with christopher, which he almost missed thanks to the fucking "swipe again" message. i'm a dick about the train? or rather, i'm perfectly reasonable & grumble constantly about the fucktards who can't be bothered to behave slightly rationally. hey, if you are walking in the middle of the stairs for no reason, you can expect your elbow to get bumped as i squeeze pass. & if you aren't going to hurry up when a train pulls in, at least get out of the way of those who might! pull out your metrocard before you get to the turn styles-- it ain't a surprise that you need to swipe it! somethings though are actual snags, & we all share the pain of these troubles-- like "please swipe again." i've missed trains because my card wasn't reading, & i don't hold you, the swiper, accountable if you slow me up. well, christopher's number came up, but my standing in the doorway shouting for him was enough to keep the driver from closing the doors for a second. which is like, a miracle. a subway miracle.

so off we go up to the actual theater where the play is going to be held! okay, well. not the actual theater. we had a semi-dress on a smaller stage than the one we'll actually have. you know, the one that it is mostly funny for all the off-off-off jokes, all the "off-bedford" comments for the lion pinball players to be moving up in the world! the attempt was made to do this rehearsal as cartoon versions of ourselves, which worked pretty well! i wore my cape & sworled & swooshed. a few key people were missing, but you know what wasn't missing? any of my lines, fingers crossed. knock on wood. break a leg. the play is freaking next week or whatever now, so i'm kind of freaking out, yeah. not badly, just i hate suspense. like i keep saying: i don't have fun doing the play. i enjoy having done it. afterwards i came home, had some wine, & unwound watching the mole. frankly, the mole is vastly less interesting without d-list celebrities.
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