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hulk: misunderstood monster by paul benjamin, david nakayama, & juan santacruz.

i picked this up trying to get myself excited about the new incredible hulk movie. first thing to notice: this guy benjamin looooooves jamis madrox, the multiple man. he's in half of the stories. sure, radioactive man is in half of them too, but at least radioactive man has thematic similarities (radiation counts as a theme in comics). i like multiple man too, but it is weird to see him in here so much. two questions i have: is there ususally a monkey? maybe benjamin just loves y: the last man too? & i thought radioactive man was a misunderstood guy? i guess i'm just thinking of him in the recent thunderbolts. he's just like, a chinese superhero in that, right? anyhow, it is kind of nice to read about a hulk who is "hulk smash" but also unequivocally a bad guy. i like both the more "adult" comic book subjects (hyde, meet jeckyl) & the more fun steam-loosing ones ("rick say hulk weak!" "rick was wrong! hulk is the strongest one there is!" pause. grin. "hulk know!") much like the rest of the marvel adventures line, this is sweet, & great for a kid, & fun enough for the fifteen minutes it'll take you to read it.
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