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i got a broken face!

i try not to be snobby about books. i think i'm pretty good at it, or at least okay. i don't get on a high horse if somebody is reading shitty thrillers, or whodunits, or urban fiction, or whatever. same as the buckets of shitty science fiction i've sucked down my gullet, right? & tons better than middlebrow works. & i defend dudes who come in here looking for sop hockles (sophocles) & thucky dices (thucydides), because you know what? they are reading those books. they are in a class to learn about classical shit, & i can't say aeschylus, for the record. it is like hounding somebody on a treadmill for being fat. dudes is on a treadmill, you know? & i try not to fall in the trap of assuming people know what i'm talking about. you don't have to know shit about isbns. you don't work in a bookstore! it gets hard, though, when people fucking stubbornly refuse to listen to you, & also, act a fool in other ways. like: okay, i need you to understand something sir. "second edition (2nd ed)" is not a useful piece of info on its own. you can't come in here looking for some chemistry book & only knowing what number edition it is. i don't get why you think that? it is just a discrete piece of info to latch onto? but don't keep shouting it at me, like it is a spell. it ain't. this guy who was just in here kept asking my advice & then totally ignoring what i had just said. then reaffirming the edition of the book he was looking it. then leaving, then sticking his head back in. "second edition (2nd ed), right?" i think he asked me about six (6) times. kicker is: it isn't like he's looking for a specific book! he just wants a study guide. "but it is second edition (2nd ed), right?" okay? he can't understand the difference in brands-- "no, sir, that is published by a different company entirely. arco, barrons. different." no, he doesn't care that i'm talking. "but this one is second edition (2nd ed), though, right? this one is better?" i guess i would have been more charitable, but-- this actually happened-- he had a soda (soda pop) in his hand in his hand & wanted me to hold up the pages & flip through it for him. & wanted me to go back to sections he thought were interesting. okay, dude, fuck you. first customer of the day! bliss! whatever, i'm not in a miserable mood. after last night, somehow i'm not. cuddled i guess. woke up early to go to the gym. got rocket boots. pretty okay situation.
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