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did you see what just happened there?

yesterday was a lazy morning, which was precisely what my bones required. all hanging in my skin, brittle as dried fish. let down & hangin' around, like radiohead might've said. I don't know that anything really of note happened that morning: jenny was curled up in the bedroom with some page-turned mystery, i was sort of dancing around, watching television, memorizing my lines, reading things here & there. eventually i got my act together enough to go to the gym, which despite feeling like it wasn't a very intense workout actually took me a while. doing a lot of cardiovascular exercise is weird, because you don't have that same feeling as lifting. & i weighed myself & i weigh under two hundred pounds (200 lbs.) which is interesting. i have not been regular in the slightest at weighing myself, since i'm not trying to lose weight or anything weird, but i do get curious. i wonder how much i fluctuate. given that i drink a lot of water, does that make it go up & down more or less? i thought about peeing & then re-weighing myself, but that was a little too weird to do, so i went home & got ready to leave.

leave for play rehearsal! jenny came this time, since she has one of her famous non-speaking roles. & that day, that sunday, everyone was there but for two souls. i don't have scenes with either of them, so i didn't really feel the impact, though i bet simon is stewing. oh, speaking of simon, crap. i keep meaning to tell him but forgeting. he keeps stepping on one of my lines, but it is totally coverable so i haven't stopped to tell him. lemme email him right quick. okay, there, though we're chatting away now. rehearsal was, like my morning, skeletal. there are solid sticks of calcium there! nice bone structure! but the muscles & skin are still oozing in. i'm happy to be on the higher part of the curve for memorization. i'm sitting in an okay place. we did it all the way through, then re-did the third (3rd) act; after that, everyone left & daile & i worked on our big confession scene. also, danielle said she was jealous that i was being weirdly inappropriate with daile instead of her. oh! i like danielle. by the last run through, i was feeling pretty good about it. from there, we bounced to the train, all tight as a knot, jenny, me, daile, & maggie, but not before daile pinched simon's cheeks. maggie hopped onto her l train & we saw christopher asleep, leaning against a pole, & jenny & i pulled him into our group. then home, then bed. ta-da!
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