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am i not the wardlock? (pictures by danielle, simon)

yesterday was the mermaid parade, & i'm still sort of washed out from it! danielle slept over the night before, but because of train delays & whatnot she ended up getting here a little late, so our slumber party was more like us downing a couple of glasses of wine, giggling, then hitting the hay. but not before i gave her my old superman's pal, jimmy olson & black & white new gods, since i have the fourth world omnibus editions now. why to bed so early? because waking up early was on the docket! waking up!

we did wake up, & the three of us scurried through the apartment. jenny had to work, so she couldn't come to the mermaid parade, & i was in one of those zones where i want to be early rather than late. oh, we were early alright! we got to coney island at about nine twenty-three (9:23), a nice clip before our projected arrival time. then from there we grabbed maggie, settled in on the nathan's patio, & had ourselves a few "mike's hard lemonades." of course we are drinking early in the morning-- beach day! come on guys! then simon & caroline, bijou, & lauren showed up. some gross fries were eaten! simon left to go register us & that is when the truth began to become apparent: we didn't need to be there at ten o'clock (10:00)! we could have shown up at like, one thirty (1:30), in all actuality. this is how we learn important facts!

so we wandered out to the boardwalk, & from there down to the pier. which is a place we hung out in till the time of the gathering (there can be only one!) was set. next to us some dudes were fishing for crabs, & they kept catching ones they didn't want. they'd throw them back, or kick them over the side, & the girls were fascinated/traumatized, especially when the homeless guy jumped on one & crushed it. caroline picked one up up & played with it for a little while. we also joined forces with lois, who had a whole thing, a sack filled with tape & rags & plastic bags that she transformed into the loch ness monster & rode around on. no joke!

then the punishment began. the waiting. we put ourselves in the corral for those intended to march in the parade, & waited. first: photographers. maybe they are even paparazzi! i don't know when you switch from one to the other. but they are fucking scum bags! swarming like locusts is a tired old analogy, but they did. hey guys, taking sleazy pictures with fourteen (14) year old girls in it is messed up, okay? the parade goers were kind of great, though! there wasn't a lot of mingling in our section, but some people were clearly having a blast, which is nice. some people were pretty gross, which, whatever. one thing i found to be pretty awesome was that there was such just a melting pot of gender identity that gender sort of became a non-issue. fun. less awesome: standing in one crowded place, the sun. my costume was that of my character from witch prison!, the warlock, at the beach. black socks & flip flops, so forth.

the best float in the parade were the marine antoinettes. just a ton of girls dressed up like marie antoinette & doing choreographed dance to a mash-up of queen & falco. so sweet. we were kind of last-minute in our costumes besides lo, but we had fun anyhow-- midway through the parade, sarah found us & joined up. at one point, i had a cape duel with a water nymph, which was fun. it was kind of grueling, especially since we'd been at coney since early o'clock, & when we got to the end, we were pretty much done. as for sunburn, i think i avoided it: wearing a cape has some perks! a lot of perks. capes are fantastic. i also quite liked the seahorse that spat water, & wanted it to squirt me. & the post-apocalyptic black plastic things were cool, despite being operated by white guys in dreads.

i had some momentum, & was planning on meeting up at a graveyard with some of the ghouls & goblins in the parade, or continuing to hang our with danielle, but we were having terrible phone demons while we tried to find amanda. that tacked another long chunk of time on. also: fighting with hobos. it is nice to have girls in my life who will do the yelling. like: i will yell at that homeless guy, but the girls in the crew i run with will, too. no over-protective male behavior needed. anyhow, when we finally got back to my apartment, i was like, "i'm going to crash here instead." jenny & i drank some wine (note: borsao 2007, super cheap, super peppery. would be awesome with steak) & watched america's next best dance crew & i fell asleep on her lap at nine-thirty (9:30).

at the deli where we grabbed breakfast, they had these pre-made pizza bagels. i needed one.

goin' to the island amusement park, la la la.

"how much further, m?" "oh, two inches (2") or so."

nathan's makes hot dogs! yay! ew!

i thought danielle was trying to worm this into my ear, but instead it was adorable!

here i am sucking maggie into the dark dimension.

you can kind of see the hat lois made out of saran wrap.

ta-da! i did it! mermaiding over!
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