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i walk to the train. everybody knows this about me. i prefer grand army plaza, i prefer avoiding transfers, & these preferences are enough to get me to go the mile from home to the corner of the park. i like the walk, i like the neighborhood, it in general suits me. along the way of late i've stopped listening to music or talking on the phone in favor of saying my lines from the play witch prison. it is my daily time of memorization. i wonder what people think of me when they see me walking & sing-song talking, gesturing wildly & in general holding one side of a conversation by myself. am i crazy? am i on a head set phone? do they think "oh, he's memorizing lines?" i just could not tell you. anyhow, i finished up with a small bit of a walk left, as i sometimes do, & i decided to start making a song up in my head about time bandits. what the hell? but it happened. it included the line "time travelling bandit, tempus frangit..." which is pretty dope. also, "agamemnon is going to hit on your mom..." it is ill. i dropped some knowledge. i had flow. i couldn't think of something to rhyme with "don't touch it, its evil..." besides "weevil." which is a shame. i am a jedi i am a jedi.
Tags: lionpinball, play, witch prison

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