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re: this white wolf post

See-- okay. I'm a kit-basher, I guess. I want products to tear out the guts & build on the bones. Or really I guess I want my own bones, & to slot your kidneys, liver, & gallbladder, so when i slide my own heart in, it runs fine. I want the organs I don't care about, & I want templates that I can design my own glands off of. I appreciate reading through the setting elements, but my purchases are guided by rules & powers. Ironically, running a rules-light game makes me a rules-heavy buyer. I have my own story, my own setting, my world. I can make my own calls, can take advice from other players & gamemasters. What I need is balanced, playtested, generic (well, not too generic) powers & tweaks.
Tags: dnd, oubliette, wod

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