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chronos' day.

yesterday was a fun little piece of debauchery for my unique ladyfriend (wyf) & myself (were). i went to the gym with tracey, & then jenny & i spent the rest of the morning getting clean, getting less clean (ah-ha!), & then eating tons of leftover chicken parmesan while watching wonderfalls. finally having had enough, we called a car & returned a thing we had to crate & barrel, & then bought more than a thousand dollars worth of furniture. which, since furniture is expensive, isn't that much, but it is the amount we spent. a new desk, a chair for it, & a dresser. still, making the bedroom livable is an admirable goal. we will probably have to convert the coffin to a bookshelf, by the way, so i need to figure out how to do carpentry. if there was ever a time to start praying to jesus, it is now! i'm kidding, i'm kidding, jesus is only pretend. after that, jenny & i hit the streets; we walked by a hare krishna parade, hopped a bus despite not having any money on my metrocard, & searched for a bar.

we didn't find a bar, or at least not one that was open. & so we fell back on a fond fall back, chipotle. where we didn't get any food, but just started gulping down margaritas. she read & i worked on my game. after a little bit of this, me picking her brains for ideas, we went to the upright citizen's brigade theater to see jesse thorn, jenny's favorite radio host, from "the sound of young america" & "jordan jesse go!" the show was pretty fun, but had it's ups & downs. first, that jesse guy is okay. mostly i just lack the radio bug, so i can't be bothered to care? i'm fine with him though. michael showalter was really boring, actually. oh, um, a sketch group called pangea 3000 was on; they had a semi-clever fart-spelling-bee, which, for what it was worth, was a funny enough idea, but not the funniest thing i'd ever seen or anything. ze frank, though! remember that guy with the "how to dance" video back when the internet was a wee babe? that was him! he's also the guy who started the "picture of you as a kid, picture of you now acting out the picture of you as a kid" meme. he was pretty funny; he wobbled on the hyper & obnoxious line but never crossed it. i need to get up on that cat. then there was music, sort of anonymous folksy. if the middle song had a rapper on it, like she had discussed, it would have been better. & i don't trust people with long beards. okay, you want to opt out of society? you can, i'll opt you out. & speaking of rappers, a famous rap blogger was there, & he was pretty wise, except i don't know anything about hip-hop really.

then we walked around in the rain for a little bit, laughing & chasing, & grabbed a train homeward bound. but did we go home? oh no, we went out to dinner! we're on a secret date! we went to perch, filled with lesbian softball teams whose games were rained out. i got the quiche, she got the reuban, her's was the better call. the super sweet vinegar, it isn't my favorite. but i also ate all the tomatoes on my salad! & drank all my margaritas, & the super-tart "dark & stormy" cocktail (recommended). & then we went home, to, in leaps & bounds, get progressively more fucked up. we had fun demolishing ourselves together! & watching magic tricks on television. & so on & so on (ah-ha!). then before you knew it, it was the morning! which is where we are now. i should go back to working on stuff for my game later today. you know, though, real quick? a thing i like is taking two straws, putting both in your mouth, & one in a drink & one outside. i like thinking about how suction works. also i sure love that girl. she decided, much like my wedding ring is a talisman of sphere, her wedding ring is a ring of true seeing.

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