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abadazad: the road to inconceivable by j.m. dematteis & mike ploog.

at the store, we have a phenomenon called "shady buyback guys." these are guys who come in with bushels of books in new condition & try to sell them to us. some of them are clearly moving stolen property, from other bookstores in gotham or whatever, some are taking desk copies from the mail room probably, whatever. we do our best to screen them so as not to buy back stolen or ill-gotten gains. one of the guys is, i think, a reviewer, or some such, & so he's always got a weird collection of educational & children's books. sometimes i pick up something interesting for a song, like this here.

the premise of the book: it is a ninth graders enchanted diary. enchanted how? sometimes it of things. things she wasn't even there for. in other words, it is told in the form of a diary with frequent interlude of comicbook format. interesting. the pitch of the tale is: she goes to oz-wonderland-over the rainbow to find her brother. the beginning of the book is actually pretty grim! first off, it all takes place in my neighborhood of brooklyn, more or less. & her little brother totally gets kidnapped. not like, in a magical way, "noooo save me!" but in a "my nine-year old daughter was babysitting her little brother & a creepy guy at a street fair took my son. that was five years ago" way. also: probably the best thing is the retconning of imaginary things. like if someone went to oz to find out that dude, dorthy was a black chick, baum just made her white to sell books. the good witch? no, she's real, but she's blue & has three eyes. so how is it? it is maybe for kids younger than a lot of books-- i'm sure jenny could tell me what genre that is. i liked it just fine, though.
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