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well, since i went & flooded by bloodstream with all my organic panic nanites, there isn't any getting back to bed for me, no matter how cuddle-worthy jenny might look. i woke up an hour ago freaking out: my arm had gone dead. not i-slept-on-it dead, but theresa banks & laura palmer dead. sometimes my arms bend backwards dead. it had fallen out of its socket or i don't know; it lay anesthetized over the lip of the bed, & i couldn't move it or feel it. i woke jenny up & tried to get her to come pick it up for me, which of course she didn't understand. it got it back in working order by the time she finished waking up. not the most pleasant wake me up, but maybe i'll have a visit from my friends in the black lodge soon. we're overdue.

i also realized that this new edition of dungeons & dragons is devoid of any non-white people. actually, the only non-whites i've found, flipping through it since the racial whitewashing dawned on me, are devil-people (red) & alien races (green, purple, &c). everybody else is as cracker-ass white as can be-- unless, like the eladrin, they are double-white, pale & blonde & so forth. the miniatures line had been getting better, i thought, with making people of colour-- i mean, i don't run a homogenized, white-people only game, so i need them, & my setting is significantly lower in magic than dnd. i'm disappointed. at least they got rid of the intelligence penalties for races like orcs, which helps a lot with subtext, but now it is the actual text (well, pictures at least) that needs some diversity.
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