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mary tyler moore, mecha pilot.

so there was a period in high school with this girl in it-- she doesn't even enter the story again, so i'll leave her out of it. anyhow, we were reading the c.s. lewis space trilogy sort of independently, & neither of us could really take a whack at that hideous strength, mostly because it is kind of a terrible novel. anyhow, she went out of town for something, spring break or who knows what, & when she came back, she'd read it, sort of obligating me to read it. & you know what? it never got to be good. i really like out of the silent planet, but perelandra was back to narnia-form, all crummy jesus all the time. i don't mind you having a little christing in your story, lewis, but usually you let it ruin your story. don't do that! anyhow, my idea at the moment is to write an homage to the space trilogy, & maybe the last book will be called like that strength that in old days moved heaven & earth. i don't know, maybe it will be, but i will tell you what: i should probably actually read ulysses first.

last night after i had gotten home & unraveled myself from the black ball of yarn i was in, right as i was getting to a good part of god's demon (the big fight against moloch) jenny called with a cute request to meet for drinks. she does it every so often & everytime she does, it kind of...what is the opposite of "breaks my heart"? that. we were going to meet at the occasionally decent irish pub, harry bolands, but that night was one of the "not decent" times. i ran into her on the street & asked "live music?" & she replied "soccer." only maybe she said football, but i knew she meant soccer. instead, we ended up going to rachael's. hey, did you know that even taqueria changed its name & is now like, le taq or something? be that as it may. we haven't actually sat down at rachael's since the rennovation however long ago, when they had the bar put in, so it was due. our waitress seemed weirdly out of sorts when i asked her which of the special cocktails on the menu were any good. i wonder what she was thinking? like, that i wasn't a drinker & wanted a froo-froo drink? or maybe she was a non-drinker & didn't know? she seemed blindsided, but recommended me the "sexy lemonaide" which was actually pretty good. oh, & we got to sit outside, in the courtyard with the mural of the aztec gods giving way to a sci-fi-industrial-revolution city. tenochtitlan giving way to technochtitlan. also, i nosed in on a couple of playwrights (or production people, or whatever. theater people) talking about bloggers. blogs! anyhow, home was another night of hiding in our bedroom yurt & reading. i can't really complain! i drank more wine than i've been drinking, like half a bottle. didn't go to the gym, but maybe i will tonight?

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