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at this point, i'm hungry. i'm pretty gobble gobble hungry. like slimer, from the REAL ghostbusters. i don't know what to eat, & my leash at the moment is kind of short. instead of worrying about it, or making coffee which isn't the best appetite supressor on an empty stomach, i figured i'm summarize all my yesterdays. which was...a non-event, but sweet in its own way. a nectar, not a sugar. first, name changes are getting concluded, so i deposited my mordicai k. paycheck into my mordicai & jenny k. bank account. nice to be me. at home, we ate thai food & read; then after reading a little book, i went into the bedroom to try to catch jenny's attention & ended up falling asleep! she tried to help with the putting to bed, but i ended up waking up to get us water & tuck her in. it needed to be done. why was i cuddly last night, but not the night before? well it is directly proportional to how long the air conditioner (a/c) had been on in the bedroom! here is a thing: jenny is set firm in which side of the bed (oh, sad broken bed) is "her" side. that is the side near the window & the fan & the air conditioner (a/c). also, jenny likes it warmer than i prefer. i like it cooler, as i am filled with a terrible furnace where my heart should be. so she wants the air conditioner (a/c) warmer, i want it cooler, & that is doubled since the blast of it hits her & i am farther away. this isn't a complaint, just a theory of thermodynamics. speaking of such things? jenny put a sticker on the door so everyone will know that we get all our electricity from wind power. fun!

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