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o babylon, your gardens, your swords.

first off, how low have my mspaint skills degenerated, huh? rubbish, absolute garbage. still, it gets the point across. i was pitching ideas for dragonborn, how to make them interesting & viable in a capaign setting. "bankers! they love hoards of gold!" being one of them, along with the character pitch i had for playing a dragonborn paladin dragonslayer who considered himself a dragon & aspired to demigodhood, thinking smaller ambitions were for the mortal races. a guy who wanted to be the mate of tiamat & rival of bahamut. it was interesting, & i think i might try it out if my tiefling warlock bites it. in doing so, though, i was brainstorming "colours" for the dragonborn. steel? maybe i could have a different damage type from the ones in the book, like radiant or...oh, but then!

i came up with my pitch for the yellow, orange, & purple chromatic dragons. see, "regular" dungeons & dragons has metallic dragons, which are usually nominally "good," & it has chromatic dragons, which are usually "evil." the chromatics (& what they breathe) are red (fire), blue (lightning), green (poison), black (acid), & white (cold). things like dragon magazine used to fill in the gaps with the purple, yellow, & orange dragons which sometimes breathed crazy things like salt water, or sodium, or burning oil. oooookay? so my new idea was: why not use the new energy types in fourth edition to fill it out? psychic damage-- the yellow dragon could breathe ghosts! it could look like aged bone! radiant damage? the orange dragon could be a weird "star dragon" all cthuloid & whatever. the purple dragon i think really has to look like the purple worm-- it could do necrotic damage, breathe maggots even if you wanted to. gross! & the three headed dragon-god, possibly killed by tiamat, or maybe cleaved from her? living like a hydra head that sprouted a body? that god could be called apzu, keeping the babylonian thing going. i think it might have legs! then again, since metallic dragons aren't in the new monster manual, maybe they breathe things like thundering, & psychic, & radiant. who can say, since they've (finally) gotten rid of mistakes like the bronze & the brass dragon?

also, i think there should be a wizard encounter power, or an encounter power for a wizard paragon path like "cunning thong" where you get to make a single melee attack & just kill, outright kill a dude. a minion, if it is too good to just kill a guy. you know, like how raislin will knife a dude, or gandalf might thump a dude on the head & knock him out. i think it is cute, but i'm not sure how much room for cute flavor powers there are in this edition.
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