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heat misers as far as the eye can see.

the heat has made doing much of anything a horrid nightmare, so there hasn't been a lot of action on the gotham streets. at least, not on my behalf; the streets still swarm with half-apes made sunshine crazy. monday jenny came with me to the gym, & then we feasted last into the night on red quinoa. the red quinoa is not as fluffy as the "regular" quinoa, & we have to sort of chalk it up as a failed experiment. nothing is on television except the back-log of battlestar: galactica. we fell behind during the wedding, & now the show is on its mid-season break, right? so we'll catch up eventually, when we have the focus to devote to it. last night was something similar; cool drinks & reading on the couch. well, first christopher & i trundled out to williamsberg for play rehearsal...cancelled play rehearsal. lois & alia & maggie were still there though, so some scenes got done, or at least read through. anyhow, back to the night time at home, tucking into bed was a bit silly? we acting like a couple of lunatics & at one point i called jenny a "foul santa." she thought that was a little eccentric. eventually bedtime happened, which was nice, because this morning i popped up out of my nest & darted over to the gym for the early bird special! getting better at getting on track with that. if the heat would let up, we'd need to do laundry, but i bought some new black t-shirts just yesterday, so i've got some time. which reminds me; i'm supposed to buy allergy medicine for jenny today. remember to do that, mordicai! what is today going to be like? well, we'll see! jenny was going to be out & about but that got cancelled, so who can say.

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