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sun's day!

holy crap everyone lost their mind yesterday. talk about dog days, they have come upon us; hateful golden typhoon sun is wicked & bright & cooking brains. the day started with some lazy time, a chance to roll a good pumpking on to our heads, but that soon went rotten on the vine. we had to go outside. cruel, tyrant sun! we were baked the instant we stepped outside. first stop was bierkraft, to pick up a pair of growlers worth of six points. then, sweating, camel-like, we labored up to kira & nino's apartment. robert & judy have moved to gotham, hooray! that was the party, & the beer was for them. party! oh man, give me another mimosa. so we started drinking up & early, & well, the weather demanded it, didn't it? & there was a million breeds of cheese, but the best sort was wrapped in a leaf. i realized that meryl is maybe the female aaron! also, i like that meryl always treats me like i'm jewish. she knows i'm not, but she likes to do it, & that is funny. & pablo & donna were there! i talked to pablo about mate-- i found that hillarious, tell me about how mate is meant to be done, south american! & he did, & i was doing it right. good researcher mordicai. & lots of people i sort of know congratulating me, & i forgot that i kind of like arturo-- he's a weirdo & i like those.

then it was time for play practice, & i don't think we were the only ones drunk! jenny came with me, for her very first rehearsal (she's the morton salt girl & she has a fight scene!) & the same with danielle. it was...i think the word maggies used was rowdy. when it got too crazy, simon would shout "farmer needs a wife!" & we would quiet in disgust. i got to go through all of my scenes, so i'm pretty happy with it, four of them & i have half of my memorizing done. also there was a constant threat of making out, but it never materialized. make out, everyone, make out for my amusement! seriously, it was fun & whacky. & that one girl looks like gunn when she isn't wearing a crazy hat. after that, danielle came with us to matt's to load the raw pictures onto a hard drive. the safety word was...i don't know anymore, something to do with hippos. & his lady friend was there, but we didn't stay long; only long enough to be fuckers! shit, i'm still loopy. it is another damn blaze of a day, & a jewish holiday. these fucking kids outside are going to be trouble, mark my words!
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