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mournblade shall be mine!

weird of the white wolf by michael moorcock.

oh elric, he's so broody! it is really clear now just how raislin was birthed into being-- in fact, if there isn't fanfic where raistlin isn't a facet of the eternal champion with elric, than i am dissapointed in whoever you could be dissapointed in. he's all killing dudes for not much reason, acting like a crazy asshole, sold his soul to the devil, sickly, so on & so forth. this book was really much more a set of novellas, including one where elric didn't even appear. there were certainly some moments, & some good lines ("in the half-worlds where dwelt the master-types of all creatures..." in particular struck me) & i like it well enough that i'll probably barrel through the last two shortly, but that conversely means that i don't like them enough to savor. he's no m.a.r. barker, for instance.
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