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woah, there was just a dance off outside of the store! i heard the sound of shouting & "oooohs!" coming from outside, like a fight was about to start. a crowd began to gather! someone shouted "he's just a high school kid!" & i saw this little kid & this bigger guy squaring off. i thought maybe some high schooler was doggin' on the other guy, because he was clearly "fonting." then the big guy fell to the floor like he fainted, which seemed like the damnedest thing, until he started doing the worm, got up all of a sudden, & started doing the robot while the little kid started popin' & lockin'! holy shit these guys are having a dance-off! the picture i took with my cell phone is so tiny though: i guess that is what happens when you zoom. they finished up & just walked away! gunslingers from the wild west. wild.
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