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you know what, i'm going to come right out & say it. it won't be pleasant, but it is true. tim drake is a failure as a character. you know? for a minute, just right there for a second, it looked like he was going to be a great robin. he was very compelling for a moment. now though he's just very, very boring. very bland, very generic. remember how tim used to be good at computers? yeah, i haven't seen that matter in a while. or really, well...anything. he's just been the average boy wonder. dick already have that turf covered! at least jason todd was hated, at least that is something. & i will tell you precisely where the wrong turn happened, too. i know the moment tim drake was doomed. it happened as soon as his parents were killed. it happened in identity crisis. having tim as the "together" robin, who had a family, who wasn't on the quest for vengeance but was instead just a savant, that was a thing. as soon as you killed him off, as soon as you had bruce wayne adopt him, well then. now he's "robin," which is okay, i guess. i can't distinguish him from richard grayson through, if i squint. which is a shame, but lucky for us, there is an easy fix waiting in the wings. make stephanie brown robin, & make it stick. actually make her robin, & honestly follow that. that is my new pitch for project girl wonder. now that stephanie brown is alive & well, put her in the red & gold & green. put an r on that girl's chest.
Tags: comics, ideology
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