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i was talking to pamela today (on the international telecommunications network we call the internet) about how weird it is to be falling into step with her. i mean, for a long while-- or well, what seemed like a very long while, as we were young, & to the young supper is an eternity away-- for this long while of a year or so, we were inseparable. & then calamity, & we never spoke again! or she never spoke to me, at least. there were a few notable exceptions, like when she lived with mark & carla (sort of), or when she called a truce at mark's wedding, but pretty much she emptied out from my existence. but now she's back! which is like-- strange, synching up. having a wealth of good feelings based on interactions a decade ago. so that is weird, just a weird thing. i'm super aware of it, is all. it isn't as creepy as it sounds. it is sort of creepy to me, after all! in my brain. curled up spider legs long dormant pulling at threads again. funny little bit of stuff, this grey knot.

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