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wotan's day.

i've got to tell you, i don't think we got through much television last night, not really. that is probably biased by the two-hour (2:00) duration of lost, but also by the constant pause for chatter-box cathys that we are. there was a new addition--pamela came out, which is pretty fun. as the line on the graph approaches infinity, right? how many times do i have to hang out with pamela before i stop being paranoid that the bubble is going to burst? oh, my precious skull, so filled of little imaginary traumas. not that i am! i'm not. i'm just musing. so it was me, my wife (ha ha!), maggie, david, & pamela. first we fucked around with the dvd (digital versatile disc)player acting out against how i met your mother. when we'd finished our burritos, we dove right into the wine, starting with "EVIL" which actually was a pretty nice brew! & we learned that pamela can't do that thing where you suck air through it. which i like doing, ever since jenny told me how to. then it was lost, which we are probably the last people to see. i still like ben. i'm hoping to like john again. i hope sayid is handled well. jin totally was blown clear. rode on a dharma initiative dolphin. it took us more than a couple of hours (2:00) to plow through it, & then it was time for tila tequila's a shot at love, which is such a glorious mess. we were prrrrrretty toasty by that point. i think we did better than a bottle per, right? by maybe two bottles, come to think of it. i'm counting in my head, but as per the theme of the night, i'm not...great at math. then we tumbled into bed. jenny & i were a little prickly, but not brawly. then hey, i was late to work: i did not, did NOT want to get out of bed. plus, leaving, she was all lying there, & looking like a flemish painting, my coffin in the corner a peaking out momento mori, it was just tough to tear my eyes off of.

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