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a response to "a rapist's view of the world: joss whedon & firefly."

woah. woah indeed. i really wanted to respond with some rebuttals, but your entry is full of too much vitriol & anecdotal argument for me to do so. using the fact that your personal experience with biracial couples has been negative means a character on television is a rapist & a pretty poor bit of critical reading. & using such incredibly inflammatory language, such as "raped/fucked/used" &...well, mostly rape & rapist? does no one any favors. it totally undercuts any valid arguments you might have. like the one about inara servicing the emotional needs of the crew without being compensated. instead of me playing devil's advocate & wondering if jayne is compensated for providing violence to the crew, & wondering if he pays rent, i instead have to dismiss your argument, since you then go on to say Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Joss uses his own wife in this way. nice & personal!
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