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the spice mines of kessel, or worse.

oh man yesterday took some steel toes & kicked my ass around, didn't it? or no, not really. really it was a nice, spoked, horrid wheel, breaking me out on it slowly but surely. woke up to a sour stomach. jenny said i spent the night freaking out & she had to rock me to sleep. fun times! we were off then to the social security office. let me tell you-- what a difference a half an hour (:30) makes. when i went to get my new card, i was in, & then i was out. this time, not so much. instead, more like four hours of grueling siberian punishment. we were herded & struck in the head with pneumatic hammers. it did give me a chance to read...i can't even begin to imagine how the other people who weren't reading (i.e. everyone else but us) could stand it. after that, we went to buffalo wild wings (bw-3s) on a lark. the jerk chicken salad was two things: one, actually spicy, & two, made with iceberg lettuce. iceberg lettuce! what the hell, man? then we went down to the department of motor vehicles (dmv). that was not so bad, or at least, was what you'd expect. we waiting in line, talked to clerks, waited sitting down, had pictures taken, waited again, & were finished. i had expected i'd go to work when that was done, but it was like, three o' clock (3:00pm) then, so we decided to just soldier on with the marriage paperwork blitz. but first: fight! some asshole almost hit us with his car to prove a point, so we shouted, but once i started to walk over to his car, he made concillitory gestures, & then refused to meet my eyes. win by intimidation. we went to the bank & had our names changed is all, & then finally, home! or well, not really, because while jenny fucked around with the wedding photos, i had to go to play practice. which was short, but sweet. i'm glad i can start attending them again. when that finished, then i could finally go home, & i did. we split a sandwich & watched the mtv movie awards. it was okay. except all we ate all day was garbage & i feel like crap because of that. look, i said "feel." i don't often say that (hi disassociation!) but i guess most others wouldn't count saying it in a physical context the same as an emotional context. joke is on them, suckers! emotions are physical!
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