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three hearts, three lions by poul anderson.

so i continue "paying my dues" to the fabulist classics. this book is cited pretty highly by all the bibliographers who talk about about dungeons & dragons roots, & it deserves to be high. war between law & chaos, check. paladin, laying on hands, mount, all of that, check. troll that regenerates, check. yeah, i'd say this is pretty ground-floor-- holger carlson is as much "the paladin" as aragorn is "the ranger" & conan is "the barbarian." & i liked it. it is a "guy snatched from the real world to be a great champion in fantasy" tale, & i gotta tell you, gene wolfe must fucking love this book, because the knight such a huge homage to it. really the best, most stand out thing about the book were the female characters. they are viable characters. they are sexually viable, too! not just the bad girls! yeah, there are bad seductresses, but that seduction is actually kind of seductive, & it isn't in a "whoa, hey, whores" fashion. you can tell, because the "good girl" is also sexually assertive. so yeah, i was impressed with the handling of sexuality in the book; it really captured the way people don't buckle, but rather try to excuse their way into being seduced.
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