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sailor on the seas of fate by michael moorcock.

more elric, & this one gets into it right away. elric, stranded on a shoreline, hunted by enemies, it picked up by a creepy boat. on the boat? three other incarnations of the "eternal champion," apparently other moorcock characters. more than four though-- that would risk the space/time continuum! they go on to fight evil magical buildings at the center of the universe, & merge into some four-face giant monster. okay, right on. then there is a little "love story awry" story in the middle of the book. that was okay, but only so good. the last part is an adventure in the jungle, to the ancient home of the melnioboneans. that was also pretty. getting batshit crazy will charm yours truly a little. still not the greatest stuff, but bubblegum enough that i'll read the next one before too long.
Tags: books, elric, moorcock

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