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yesterday i had a pretty productive morning. resumes, gym, thank you notes (which now i'm told i did wrong!), & some cleaning. so with all that tucked under my belt, i headed into the wild, untamed express subways to go meet my old schoolyard chum, pamela. i was a bit turned around & tucked under by the village. triangles! confounded! but eventually i stumbled upon her apartment. she has a murphy bed! she fed me tea & then we were off again. to go see the fall. oh, it was fantastic! the interweaving of the story-in-a-story with the frame was very well integrated, & they used my favorite trick, when the wizard breaks the fourth wall. also, it was claw your eyeballs out gorgeous. i mean, just fucking stunning, jealousy making. afterwards, pamela (oh pamela! i guess we are going to be friends. hooray!) went back to park slope, because danielle (donner) lives here now, & we were going to go to dinner. & we did, & jenny met us. i was aiming to go to a place danielle hadn't been, & she didn't blink with recognition when i suggested steinhoff, but then it turned out that not only had she been, but pamela as well. ah cest la vie. when jenny arrived-- she had cut all her hair off! sprite! pyske! oh tra la! & then she got this bread dumpling & mushroom thing that was pretty fucking tasty & the four of us had a nice dinner! then pamela came over to our place, danielle went home, & we got drunk. thanks red wine, thanks champagne, thanks white wine! & then sent pamela away in a car. so not a bad saturday at all!
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