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politics-- always a popular thing for idiots to talk about! on television all the time. so i found out a couple of days ago that my semi-firm plans for the two-thousand & eight (2008) presidential election were foiled. i was going to vote libertarian, because i assumed mike gravel would win the nomination. boy was i wrong! he came in like, fourth place or something. so the candidate they are running is some super-bastard, bob barr. lets see, here is a list of things he opposes, in no particular order: gay marriage, medical marijuana, abortion, wicca. here is a list of things he like: impeaching bill clinton. anyhow, he's changed some of his stances (i'm looking at you, pot!) but is basically a cipher for the ultra-right. not that i want to lend dignity to the left-right axis. still. constitution party is a bunch of lunatics. uh, the prohibition party? unlikely. socialists? green-- they haven't finished their primaries yet. all the notable independents are joke candidates. so. there you go. turmoil!
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