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dinner bell!

after the ceremony, we hid for a little bit? i guess that is what you do. the songs that played while we were in our foxhole was "origin of love" from hedwig & the angry inch & also alan cumming singing "marriage" from cabaret. we crept back out for dinner! dinner was a surprise to us, in a real way, since the kitchen had been in upheaval recently. so it was pretty good though! which was pretty cool.

the first course was the salad, & the salad was the course most remarked upon. it was...hell, i don't know? mint? or cilantro? or both? with eggs? & asparagus? it was a whole thing! i liked it. then there was a pasta with some...things in it. that was also good. then there was the entree, which in my case was fish. the fish was okay? but it was just fish-- none of anything else. like, the dish from the first chef had some polentta or whatever that i missed. but! there were these cooked pea pods! those were also very tasty. for desert, the club had a pretty delicious ice cream sundaes, but the real winner were the petit fours that kira & her clan made. hey, i'm part of kira's clan too, but i didn't help. there were savory ones for me, though, since i hate sweets!

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