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i'm jumping around a lot. sue me! after the wedding was the afterparty. phew! okay, i was sober up till the ceremony, but that went out the window as soon as we left the room. gulp, said mordicai to the champagne! then he said it to the wine, & the vodka. i wasn't anything other than a little bit tippled at the wedding, though. i kept on my game, kids! the after party, well...not so much. yeah. really, i don't know where the bend occured. i guess the last of the nails in that coffin was when we were shooed off the patio & into the bar proper. i don't think i was alone in my inebriation, & i feel bad for all the people who met us at the afterparty but hadn't been at the wedding-- we were a couple of hours of open bar & more than a few bottles of wine ahead of them. kingtycoon was in love with theresa because i gave her the lidda miniature-- reasonable, but i had to shelter her for a little bit. the rest is fuzzy, but there was a cab ride with carla, once jenny convinced her it was time to go. carla had left our overnight bag at her apartment, so we stopped by there, & then we went to the ritz! our room had rose petals all over it, & we stayed up late into the morning (if you know what i mean).

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