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name change.

so the people i've most talked to about my name change so far are the delivery men, & they've been pretty blase & congratulatory about it. i don't know-- i read some of those men-changing-their-last-name things online, & guys were all "yeah, i get a hard time about it..." but that hasn't been my experience at all. i don't even really get a "oh that is...interesting..." from anybody. i'm sure new york being cosmopolitan has a lot to do with that, but i also wonder about how ethnicity & immigration factor in. i'm just musing as i had a moment with the ups guy, who is sometimes a jerk, but was pretty genuinely nice just then.

oh, & another work aside. our old cop has i think been reasigned? she isn't here any more, at least. which, really actually, kind of sucks. she was okay-- she hung around a lot, but she also bought our vampire books, & was far from the worst. also: she got rid of all the homeless people. now that she's been gone for like a month, there they are, all back to taking over mcdonalds & the stoops. all i can say is that she did her freaking job, & that is always a nice change of fucking pace from all the slack ass human beings that normally rule.

last night, jenny & i watched sweeny todd: the demon barber of fleet street. i liked it about as much as i expected. which is to say, alright. there were some moments between todd & lovetts that i liked though: i thought they were very old school white wolf, actually. what a pair of vampires! complete with different levels of humanity (todd will kill anybody, lovetts only thinks you should kill those who wrong you), the loss of humanity (...untill lovetts starts seeing a profit in meat...), frenzy checks (todd todd todd!), & the whole that thing. i liked their moments a little better than alright. so there you have that.
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