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jenny came up with the idea, & if you ask me, it was solid gold. alchemy! she wanted everyone to have a little dungeons & dragons miniature as part of their place setting. see how our marriage is representative of us both? i should also point out that the other themes were of course, cranes, scarabs, & peacock feathers. mike & i picked out the minis from his collection of doubles, suiting them to the appropriate guest. the short guests got halflings & gnomes, that was the first thing i decided. i gave theresa lidda, which enflamed kingtycoon's passions. my friends were the only ones to get non-humanoids-- katja & olive got some messed up demons, for instance. in addition, everyone got an "enemy" & an "ally" & they actually did mingle a little based on that. success!

jenny was a giantess. to be honest, i always had a crush on the picture of the green giant in whatever monster manual she's in, with the deer she hunted slung like a coney. i thought it was a really subtle way of establishing scale, & i was happy to have this be her. also, zentraedi are sometimes green. i'm just saying.

i was the nightstalker. because i'm a shapeless black monster inside

here is jenny gluing the minis to the name cards.

in situ, at the table getting glued up.

danielle posed her strahd zombie with some of jenny's cranes.

david got a lizardfolk rogue!

& maggie got a wild mage. you can see them dancing above.

my mother was the cleric of nerull.

aaron was the aasimar favored soul (both their names start with "aa"!)

t. was the bariaur ranger.

tom was the harmonium guard.

joe got the bugbear gangleader, but left it at the club!

aviva was the earth shugenja.

a mess of them-- katja's abyssal skulker, emerson's war wizard, whatever.

jenny's father was the cleric of saint cuthbert.

& jenny's mother was the doomguard.

carla was the halfling enchanter. you can't tell, but she's very tiny.
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