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the meeting!

starting to talk about the wedding is a bit of daunting task, so i might go about it in a disjointed & bite-sized manner. for instance, now i'm going to post some pictures of THE MEETING. the venue for the wedding was the montauk club, which is a gorgeous royal tenenbaums looking building covereing in grotesques & bas relief, & hardwoods. very nice joint. the room that was originally used as a stageing area for jenny getting sewn into her dress (seriously: zipper break, catastrophe, but averted by the herculean efforts of kira's mother) was a nice little board room, & danielle got it into her head to have a MEETING. it went like this: "guys! guys! meeeeeting! les' have a meeeeting!" & so we did. we shouted about numbers & strategies & rubicons for a while. it was pretty great. the clip below is just the tail end of it, with me returning to the festivities.

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