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wedding vows.

I always wanted to be in love. I didn’t expect to be—my philosophy ranges from solipsism at best to nihilism at worst, but is more often in a middle world, populated by terrible angels, & confusion, & shadows.

You found me in the labyrinth. You fixed me when I was broken—in fact, you broke me into a million pieces, put me back together again, & I was the better for it. You demanded a place in my mythology, & my personal pantheon demanded you be in it as well. You are greater than the sum of your parts, & the sum of your parts is priceless. You are my conscience. I need you & I love you.

When I wake up, I wake up next to you. & that is what getting married is. Waking up. Next to you. You don’t complete a missing piece of me; you are a new part of something else. Of us. You & me is the start of we. & that will be an awfully big adventure.
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