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Voice Post:

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I'm married now.

Jenny and I are fucking messes.

Um. We're watching Tyra Banks. She's having the 'Fiercies'. And giving out awards to top model people. Um. ____ is on here now. ____, hello. We almost were in small movies together on the internet.

We're at The Ritz right now. We don't know what time we got here. We don't know what time we went to bed after we got here, because we were up for awhile, and uh, if you know what I mean. And now... Yeah, I don't even know. Fuck. We just finally got some food. And kind of drinking mimosas and coffee. Holding it down!

I went outside-- I had clothes on!? I had a robe on for awhile! I wish I would've stayed in the robe. But I had missions. I had a mission, and I completed it. It's a success that I've done.

My wedding was a mess. A great mess... I mean, it wasn't a mess, my wedding was great. It became a mess!

I've done a pretty decent job of not getting totally hammered all week? You know, bacheloring and rehearsal picnicking and I dunno, whatever? Um, that went out the window though.

Kind of got pretty drunk. Kind of got pretty drunk.

Yeah so, I'm in love and I have a fancy ring. The magic spell I cast!”

Transcribed by: ranai
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