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anyhow, after the time with my special girls, i met up with the most special. we had just a few heartbeats together, before it was time for the genealogical integration: jennny's 'rents versus my bios. oh. how. exciting. we all met at barrio's, that new mexican place that opened up in the skeleton of the louie g's/press 195? the food there was not too shabby; shrimp ceviche wasn't as ceviche as i wanted but good, & the marinated cheese was alright. i got some peanut-y pork which was good, with spinach & a little corn & egg pudding-omelette thing. jenny's shrimp with coconut-&-calamari rice was actually pretty awesome. anyhow, from there we bounced back to the apartment that judith & elizabeth are subletting for the weekend, which is not a bad scene at all, not at all. we played apples to apples & then jenny & i came home exhausted. the end. then this morning i took the clothes i got yesterday to be tailored & pressed. okay? all caught up now?
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