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actually talking about the things that happen to me seems like a miserable chore. i already went through them in the meat world, now i have to open those thick iron doors in my memory palace? i usually am so happy to have a memory like a sieve. i just but my under-mind in control when it comes to the clutch! the earliest part of yesterday was kind of miserable. i returned the terrible suit, & in doing so i walked down fifth avenue (5th ave) going into thrift shops & suit stores looking to see if anything was to my liking. No! no it wasn't to my liking. then the return-- i was stressed out. such things are not in my repertoire, such arrows are not in my quiver. when it was finally done though, it was time to go into manhattan & up with olive & katja!

i got to bloomingdale's way before them, since they were walking the fifty-nine (59) blocks & i was on an express train, which gave me time to do my shopping. i had a pair of pants in mind (theory!) & i asked a guy to direct me to the right place, which he did. as an afterthought, i asked him about vests, & he had one in my size! just by luck! so i had to get it. it has some seriously weird back story, which i won't fess to here (juicy!) but in my mind that makes it all the better. it is the pink panther flaw, i think. thanks harvey! & then the pants fit & looked good too! two bulls-eyes right when i needed them. as if there was any doubt that i'd save the day!

then i found me a katja & an olive! oh those girls, i just adore them. i'm quite pleased they are coming to my wedding; they've been a solid platoon in the infantry of my heart for so long. we all arm-in-armed to get soup & sandwich, then we went underwear shopping & i introduced them to spanx! i watch television, i know about spanx! & then some fucking shop girl was a bitch to us. yes, i know that i'm with my grubby darlings, but your attitude just cost you a fucking sale & a commission, dummy! mister jacobs would be very annoyed with you! then it was outside, the girls chasing after sailors & running red lights, & i the shadow behind them. then, japanese make-up, then whoosh, whoosh home. bye girls! see you tommorow!
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