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hey, this is fun! freaky deaky! okay, well it isn't so bad. i didn't go hang out with jenny & her 'rents last night on account of they had some trouble finding their place, so it was late by the time they were home & i didn't want to show up & make it polite or uncomfortable or whatever. better to let them decompress with jenny. jenny & her mom just finished up at city hall getting her mother all sworn in to do the ceremony. i went to the gym this morning, & came home to bicker a little with jenny-- i just wanted to appraise her of the thing i remembered on the elliptical (pants sizes!) but she didn't want any of it. basically a collision of two mornings. stupid. still, she's going into her shell a little bit, & i need to both be okay with that & also not let her get too internalized. balancing act. everyone knows how good great i am at moderation! people are starting to trickle in-- olive is on the ground. it makes gotham better to have her. i also realized that i didn't have a nice belt, or i don't think i did, so i went to the joint on the corner, porta bella, & bought one there. i have to admit, i have a fondness for "urban clothiers," since when i went to prom a million years ago they were the only places that had accessories for a dude in pinstripes. the belt i got i am going to call my "wonder man" belt, since it has a little eagle guy on it. it isn't gross. it might be a brand logo. i don't know. now i have to think about shoes: i have to find out how what i have interfaces with what i'm getting. so yeah, jenny & her folks are picking up the 44L from new jersey today, & then i'll have it tailored tomorrow. not so bad, not cutting it too close. still, i'm looking forward to have something to talk about other than how my various plans are coming together. hannibal get your elephants!
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