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okay, i'm not going to freak out because i just handled this? i just used my stern voice & everything. i'm not super excited about it though! it isn't my favorite. i know how shit goes though. the suit i'm going to wear is going to be ready on friday, when they will also tailor it (same day). okay, so that isn't the greatest, but it isn't the worst. there was lots of being on hold & my guy being on the phone with people. fuck ups were made, but i'm not going to wig about it. should i wig about it? i mean, i sort of did. this is not my favorite thing! shit. okay. there. venting, that is all. just synching up, just timing, that kind of thing. here is the plan: if they don't have it friday, i'm going to go berserk & find a place that does & make them tailor it to me immediately. today would have certainly been a hell of a lot better, though. they'll have it, it will be fine. by the way, dudes, i'll be watching you like a hawk! skreee! dammit. edit: okay, they also have one put aside at the edgewater store for me.
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