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sandman mystery theater: the hourman & the python by matt wagner, steven seagle, & guy davis.

the basic thing with these sandman's is that they are cute, but do kind of retread the same stuff. which is why i liked "the hourman," but not so much "the python." "the hourman" involves rex tyler, another golden age hero, & i thought that was a nice twist: rex has actual super-powers in the form of vitamin enhancement, wesley is...well, a big weirdo. plus, that arc had wes & dian's relationship snapping along! dian all happy with wes for treating her like an equal, & helping him out with his compulsions to stop crime. the second volume, "the python," was less off key, & thus sort of boring? there were moments, but really, same usual stuff. all the characters are "edgy," since they are kind of old-timey scumbags, which means they are racist, & wes gases dudes but has some troubles...not to mention troubles with dian! i'm tired of that.
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