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rings of saturn's day.

saturday was for hanging out with danielle! but first, there was a lot of forgetting, & a lot of walking, to be done. i was meeting danielle at atlantic, which is about a mile (1) away, & i had just about gotten there (on foot) when she called saying she was running late, which is when i realized i had forgotten to bring a bottle of wine. since i'd have time, i figured i would turn around, go back a mile (2), pick a bottle up (jenny was home! hi jenny! hi kira!) & by that time, i was set to meet danielle at lisa's directly, two miles away. so i get there, that is like four (4) miles. i'm just counting to see how much it adds up to! lisa's party is pretty fun! the red devil & me tear it up for a little while, & a lot of the people there remember me. hey, plus they want to talk about comics! or whatever else. i like to see some of that darkling shimmer. danielle's friend nate shows up before too long! i'm a little bit out of it.

so there we go, but oops & oh, off to another party! about three-quarters (4 & 3/4) of a mile away. billy has bashed in his head! no medical insurance! why sir, i know the name of that game, & i'm happy to...oh no! this party isn't very fun! first, there is weirdness! see, you can't pay for drinks, since the party is located in a secret room in a secret ally in a secret warehouse but also, you aren't supposed to just put your "suggested donation" in the fishbowl. which is what i thought. it was awkward, but whatever! there was dancing, though i was hardly in top form; lots of seventies hits played by a guy in a mullet. nate bought an all you can drink! & we picked up amanda. but before too long it was back to lisa's party (5 & 1/2) for a few more drinks & karaoke. or well, for everyone else. it wasn't that long of a haul before i bailed, i bounced, i left-- maybe like two (2:00)? anyhow, i walked home (6 & 3/4) & fell asleep.

then sunday morning i got lost in the park! i was trying to get to sam & tracey's on foot, cutting a diagonal slash across prospect park from here to there. i'm really not an idiot, & when i say "lost" i don't mean blair witched or anything. the lake jumped up in front of me though, & trying to get around it put me in the wrong place entirely. well, & from there i mis-directed myself, i made a bad course correction, & i ended up in entirely the wrong place. entirely. no real problem though: i got to ride the q train! i liked the stop i was at; it was a not-gross above ground station. it was pretty pleasant. next game i'm probably going to cut through again & see if i can't do better than this last time i tried it. then after game was over i came home to jenny & carla (so much wedding planning) & before too long missus jenny tumnus & i went to bed, but not before watching john mccain on snl.
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