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so yeah, last night we eased our troubles with a dose of southland tales, which is the california mythology of my choice. sorry, mulholland drive! i liked it very much, so that happened to me. today was much more chore oriented: you know, cleaning up & what ever else might need done. jenny disassembled the free desk that became the bane of our bedroom over the last year, & together we placed & glued the miniatures for the place settings.

i also did a fair throwing out of some old stuff that really, really couldn't be excused as possessions any more. like, the old computer game x-wing on three & a half inch (3.5") disks? hey, yeah, uh, no, i don't really need to own that, when you put a fine enough point on it. then away away to the gym, a little reading, & now i'm going to get ready to go to some parties with danielle. lists of events, strung together by rope bridges!
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