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odin's beard!

visionaries: thor by walter simonson.

so, this is...pretty awesome. right from page one it starts kicking ass, with the story of beta ray bill! okay, so thor is thor, right? the real son of odin, etc. asgard is half other dimension, half space age, half viking nostalgia. beta ray bill? is a genetically engineered alien cyborg with the soul of the alien's greatest warrior grafted, he gets thor's powers. uh, sweet? so simonson not only writes this, but draws it, & both? are freaking great. the art has this ridiculous sense of scale-- the giant banging at his anvil his planets about his feet! the sound effects were pointed out to me, & are pretty great. all around, this ruled. also: there is an issue that is the weirdest? just cops trying to make people eat cookies, a psychologist force feeding his secretary a mcdonald's hamburger, then saved in the end by a loose fry, then getting mesmerized by pop music...just all so, so good.
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