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soldier boy here had a few too many turkytinis last night, or at least, more than i meant to. thing was, jenny was distracted & playing around in photoshop all during it, & you know how i get. i get! david & maggie were over, big sippy cups filled with wine, & laps full of sandwiches. sandwiches whose left-overs i forgot to bring to work! anyhow, i was more drinking from a big gulp, because gulp i did. gulp! television was fine-- lost is acceptable this season, beauty & the geek & america's next top model had a boring run but are finally over (but for the reunions), how i met your mother is a little bit brilliant, & included dog hypnosis, & a shot at love with tila tequila is such a giant pile of melted ice cream that by the time our drunk asses get to it, it is always kind of brilliant. also, offensive. that ice cream has ants in it! jenny's distraction came to equal the invites for the wedding afterparty being ready, so it wasn't like she was being a bad girlfriend; quite the opposite. i just want attention at all times! i am slightly demanding? then this morning, in a fit of pique since i had forgotten my sandwich, i picked up a bagel with sundried tomato cream cheese. & more coffee! & more & more! speaking of party planning, ugh, bachelor party. pamela actually tried to help me with it, & i was all NO!-baby about it. laser tag is closed, & medieval times is expensive & would need car-situating. crash! burn! this wedding thing is filling the entire zodiac, like raistlin's hour-glass, am i right? over in a week & a half (yikes).
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