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jump on it!

okay, well-- quick note on this morning so far. woke up early to go to the gym & kicked my ass without even really meaning to. hey, part of the plan with this morning business is that you'll count mornings as bonus rounds! no, no, instead i'll just fucking slam myself around in the newly remodelled weight room. okay! except now my one shoulder hurts. ouch. also, got another wedding present, this time from meryl...another bamboo cutting board? how many of these do we need? this is a real question of mine, since it turns out you might want more than one (1) pot, one (1) pan, etc. for me the real prize is that it came in one of those blue amazon gift sacks; those are important to my laundry routine!

yesterday i collared christopher & we bounced out of work early to go to witch prison practice rehersal. it was pretty spotty! i am now very fondly remembering all of the jungle woman tuesdays, where i could not show up for sundays because all the people i was in scenes with were able to make it to the tuesdays. these tuesdays, not so much! the solid players are there, but being the middle of the week, it is tricker for some to make it to. no daile! no dan! simon had me & fayefaery do a snippet of a scene together, just three or four (3-4)lines, to make me feel like i wasn't wasted, but i didn't mind. it was fun enough seeing christopher reherse to play one of the cops. afterwards, we wandered around williamsburg jumping on the various things we found & messing with the graphitti. it occured to me that living in williamsburg basically amounts to being a freshman at college. it sure is filthy like a college dorm! anyhow, after than i trundled home, found myself a fussy girlfriend fiancee, & fed her full of pork & strange peruvian sauces. i am an alchemist! drink this, quick!

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