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infernal device by erik ruhling.

i like illustrated histories. as a rule. i also dislike disinfo's stuff. as a rule. disinfo is sort of the perfect example of "lies, damn lies, & statistics," & all those other sorts of "hey, when we take this out of context, it sure is fishy!" i have liked some of their big books, but there you go. okay; the good: this is an illustrated history of torture implements. the bad: the illustrations are...cgi? okay, that pretty much sucks. what the hell is that, you couldn't go to a museum & take pictures? also, the use of the objects isn't clear; often it is scattered somewhere in the attached text. maggie & christopher read this over my shoulder on the train yesterday & it was pretty fun? & an illustrated history of torture is always useful to a gentleman of my persuasions. but there are some major drawbacks to it to be mindful of.
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