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woke up this morning, got dressed, looped arms with jenny, & off we went to the court house. our bundles of paperwork were all in order-- i was slightly concerned, what with the recent name change business, & that concern wasn't mollified by the clerk on the phone telling me ever so casually that it would be fine. fine it was, though-- they didn't even put any of my old name stuff down in the "aka" column, which alright? do your thing. here is a quick review of the court house protocols: their security wasn't nearly as together as the brooklyn government spots i've been to in the last few months, but other than that it was very smooth. i liked that there was someone whose job it was to check that you had a) the right documents & b) the money order before she gave you the forms to fill out-- that saves everyone time. oh, the one black spot was that maybe my bio-mother will read something at the wedding. that is a mistake, a terrible mistake, what i wish wasn't happening. buttoning up the rest was easy, & voila, we had our marriage license. it isn't signed or anything-- it wasn't an eloping, but if it was, jack skellington could have officiated, because he was there afterwards at our celebratory bubble tea. wearing a funny hat.

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