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back to square one (1). remember that great idea of laser tag? fuck it! closed. no laser tag for the bachelor. so there is some fly in the ointment. & i thought i had something worked out for vows, but it turns out i didn't (stupid karnak temple place!) & also, that i have no idea what jenny wants our vows to be, only what they are not supposed to be. so that is a little pitter-patter in the chest area. the subtle stress that bends & flutters. i am in a riddle. will the gordian knot solution present itself? or will i chase my tail & fall down dizzy? not the greatest. i can't balance on my fingers. i have no idea, or example, or anything else, to go on. i'm just confused, floating in water. this is me making a noose out of my neck-tie! urk! poor little muddled mordicai, lets all shoot him with our bb guns. sucker! ping, ping! oh motherbox, whisper some sweet nothings into my ear! update!: apparently i am supposed to do something like a toast? like, a paragraph, or ten to twenty sentences long? that isn't at all like what i was thinking. this is weird.
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