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my face is just super-melty today; i think there is probably something to be said for the sequestering the weather does to the store. the story. that typo makes for better read. dragging my bones around this morning has been super chalky & scraping. not the greatest! but yesterday's rehersal was. the greatest, i mean. other than a quick read through with onthe165 (quick note to daile: go see fucking iron man!) i hadn't gotten to interact with the rest of the cast very much, since i'm not in the first (1st) act. anyhow, sunday was the start of act two (2) & i'm pretty pleased with myself. i'm ninety nine percent (99%) off-book, so go memorizing skills! though that just makes me paranoid about act three (3), since i've had like a month of being able to read act two (2) to myself. anyhow, dan wasn't there to be my manservent, but i got to be all "oh my ilsa!" & menace angela, so that was alright. i think it is funny? i heard laughter! also, i met the rest of the cast, who impressed me-- the "girl friday" girl has an awesome voice & is pretty in the correct counterpoint to the dry-eyed widow (curves versus straight), who is also very striking. the part where she crosses her legs, the audiance will love that. oh & maggie's voice? i'm going to try to make her talk like that all the time. afterwards we all trundled over for disco fries & catfish. success. anyhow, here is a picture from the other night at agenesis's.

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