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melted clocks? shut up dali!

well, after sleeping twelve out of twenty-four hours, i clambered out of my coffin (hiss!) to a sunday morning, which meant-- you have to get a hair-cut special attack maneuver! i went to a salon! it was fez, which is crazy, right? naming your hair salon after a type of hat! first, alex! she looked liked a dark haired version of sweet pea from that clothing designer show you all like. she washed my hair, & so i tipped her! she seemed very surprised that i did! i think she probably expected that i wouldn't, since i gave off all kinds of "what the hell is happening to me right now?!?" anyhow, after that, the owner, rudy came & cut my hair. he would, you know, sort of ask what i wanted, & i'd be totally helpful. "a hair-cut!" that is what i want! "do you want to keep your sideburns this length?" "you tell me!" or you know, whatever. anyhow, so i got my hair cut, & then after that, i picked up sandwiches.

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