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after work i stayed on the great roaring red dragon with david, & then switched over to the green for EXPRESS SERVICE. i was headed to atlantic, do not cross go, do not collect $200. my actual destination was the men's wearhouse, to go suit shopping. jenny hates, hates men's wearhouse, & i couldn't even tell you why. i will tell you that she's the one who pointed out the terrible pun, that it is "wear"house instead of warehouse, which okay. is pretty awful. but i've had a fondness for it since kingtycoon took me there when i was a wee sprout, so it is always the first place that leaps to mind. anyhow, my guy there was eli. hello eli! we shook hands like men-- the whole thing was conducted under the auspices of masculinity. oh there was a lot of that, but in an acceptable way. there was just a framework for ceding authority-- i am buying the suit but don't know anything about suits, do he becomes both my worker & my boss. it would be tricky, if the dominance structure wasn't so clear. "let me take your things, sir!" "here, try this on, sir." funny. i'm a 44 long, now, just for the record, & a little skinnier than perfectly proportional. according to eli, at least. he's my suit guy, you know. anyhow, we eventually found something nice-- a four button three piece in black, but he's got to get it in, & that'll take a few days, then it has to get tailored, which will take a few more days. i'm not worried though, it should be finished up in plenty of time. then i picked up burritos, came home, & then jenny & i were fussy clutch babies until she fell asleep at like, nine. what! so i stayed up, drinking my final glass of chartreuse & goofing around with toys. shut up about it why don't you!

Tags: dnd, oubliette, wedding

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